Motors, ECU’s and Wire Harnesses

From time to time we get our hands on EJ22 and EJ25 SOHC motors, ecu’s and wire harnesses for VW-Subaru swaps. We inspect and perform a leak down test on all motors that come through our doors. If they pass, We sale them to you for dirt cheap. If they don’t pass we tare them down for rebuilding or parts. Inventory is changing constantly on these motor so make sure you give us a call for current inventory.

Used Motor Add Ons:
*Head Gaskets + Timing kit w/ Water pump parts and labor $1000
*Add $350 to resurface heads/valve job
*Add $280 for shorten oil pan and pick up (+$75 core charge)
*Add $210 for reversed coolant manifold (+$175 core charge)

Rebuild Your EJ22 or EJ25 sohc: *$3500+ ( 12 month warranty )
* Rebuild Short block $1450+
* Resurfaced Heads+Valve Job $300+
* OEM Oil Pump 11mm HiFlow Oil Pump $190
* OEM Timing Kit w/ Water Pump $345
* OEM Master Gasket Set $280
* OEM Partial Gasket Set $180 (Only what you need)
* Shorten Oil Pan and Pick up $270+core
* Reverse Coolant Manifold $210 * Add $175 core charge
* Long Block assembly $450

OEM Subaru Harness Modification service:
EJ22 & EJ25 up to 2004: $750
Drive by wire: $850

EMS Motorsports ECU: w/ sub-harness & basic map

*EMS4860, 6860 and 8860 is for the discriminating tuner.  Highly accurate sequential fuel delivery and ignition control at a bargain price starting at $1450. Includes sub-harness and basic map installed.

*EMS Stinger computer system.   $1050 with sub-harness. $100 for map installed.

Please call the shop for info or to order at (541) 213-8549