Motor Conversions - We’ve been there and done it.

Whether you want a bigger, upgraded motor in your Subaru or a Subaru in your VW/Porsche, we’ve done it. Our experience over the years has lead us to discover what we believe to be the cleanest and best way to transplant a Subaru engine. 

We don’t just believe in van life – we live it! Ask to see Morty, one of Subietech’s official mascots and our constantly evolving prototype for all new Subaru-VW options.

Motor swaps start at $20K, which includes a fully rebuilt motor, ECU, wire harness modification, exhaust, clutch kit, coolant system and aluminum expansion tank, shortened oil pan, adaptor plate, engine mounts, and a full warranty.

If you’re buying a DIY Vanagon/Westy Swap Kit from us, you’re getting access to parts that have been tested over years of trial and error, and advice, tips and tricks from one of the best in the business. 

84-91 Vanagon and Westfalia EJ22/EJ25 SOHC NA

Options can include

Engine Mount

~SmallCar Engine mount
~Rocky Mountain Westy Engine Mount

Adapter Plate

~Adapter Plate w/9in Flywheel (Manual)
~Adapter Plate w/Flex plate (Automatic)

Transmission Upgrades

~Rebuilt VW 4 speed Transmissions
~Rebuilt Reversed Subaru 5 speed Transmission 

Oil Pan

~SmallCar aluminum 5qt oil pan
~Subaru OEM shortened oil pan


~9in VW Clutch kit (Manual adapter plate)
~Subaru OEM Clutch kit and Flywheel (Reversed Subaru Transmission)

Coolant System

~Reversed Coolant Manifold
~Coolant Hose Kit
~Coolant Reservoir Bracket
~Plastic Coolant Reservoir Tank 86+ Vanagon
~Aluminum Expansion Tank for Conversion
~Stainless Steel Coolant lines

Steering, Fuel and Air

~Accelerator cable kit Auto or Manual 8mm or 6mm
~Quiet Power Steering Pressure Hose (if power steering is available )
~Fuel hose 7.5mm
~Fuel Filter
~Cone Air Filters
~Mass Air Flow Adapters
~Hi-Torque Starter (VW trans)
~OEM Subaru Starter (Subaru reversed 5sp)


~Stainless Steel Header Fits all EJ25 and 90-95 EJ22 Duel port heads
~Stainless Steel Exhaust Kit With OEM Cat.
~SS Muffler
~SS J-pipe w/ 02 bung test port
~SS Tail Pipe
~SS Cat CA Legal / 49state Legal.
~Gaskets and Hardware

Harness Modification

~Harness Modification – 2.2L & 2.5L to 2004
~Harness Modification – Drive-by-wire
~Harness Modification – DBW + ECM
~Harness Modification – DBW + ECM 2010-12

More than just vans...

We also do custom Subaru motor conversions for Karmen Ghias, Bugs, and Porsches! Let us know what your dream build is and we’ll help you get there!