We love Subarus and want to keep them on the road.

That’s why we strongly encourage doing timely repairs and maintenance. It also provides your mechanic an opportunity to check on the health of your motor and other vital parts.

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Our most common services include

Engine rebuilds

We use a Subaru-exclusive machine shop to ensure motor rebuilds meet our standards

Timing kits

We use OEM parts only, and stock DIY kits

6-clutch disc

Clutch replacements or upgrades

We stock OE kits as well as Staged and Performance brands

Brake pad and rotor replacements

$375 flat for front or rear (WRX/STi call for quote) - new rotors & ceramic pads

Scheduled services

30K, 60K, 90K maintenance, fluid flushes, oil changes (we do these services a la carte so you never pay for more than you need)

Pre-purchase inspections or estimates

Priced at $130 with discounts for consecutive inspections. Make an appointment with our shop and buy your used Subaru with confidence!

Diagnostic of a specific problem is $130 ($50 is credited for future work), which includes detailed notes and estimate on the issue and work needed.


Head gasket replacements and motor rebuilds can be a common issue with Subarus. Here at Subietech HQ we use a Subaru only machine shop for all our rebuilt motors. While this does add on a shipping expense and additional time to complete the job, you can be assured that your motor was rebuilt properly and to the high standards that we want to maintain. We are Subaru specialists and we only trust other Subaru specialists to handle our customers’ engines.

Subietech HQ will not put a used motor or JDM motor* into your car. We don’t believe in the integrity of budget builds. We believe your Subaru can last a long time, if you build it right. 

*We will do a full JDM swap if you want to use a stand alone ECU.

Oil Changes

The most important thing you can do to maintain your beloved Subaru is to get regular oil changes every 3500 miles or 6 months, whichever comes sooner.

We stock and sell Fumoto Oil Drain Valves – $28.00

  • Oil Change (all oil changes include OE filter and crush washer), and a visual inspection of your brakes, under carriage and engine.
  • Conventional Oil Change $60.00
  • Synthetic Oil Change $75.00
  • Motul Syn Oil Change $105.00
You can buy Fumoto Oil Drain Valves and Motul Oil Change Kits in our online shop if you are a DIYer! Oil is available via local pick up only.

AVCS Gear Servicing

Whether you’re DIYing your engine swap or having us do a full motor rebuild, we always recommend having your AVCS gears cleaned and upgraded while they’re out of the car. We generally can do a 24 hours turnaround on gears.

Want a set sent to you? Click HERE to go to our store. You’ll need to send in your cores or pay a core charge. Contact Us to get this set up!


EXHAUST AVCS GEAR SERVICING: $150 each, includes internal pin repair/upgrade